Communications Department


To raise the profile of Douglas County in a positive manner through strategic communication skills through facilitating information between the Board of Commissioners, county officials, citizens, news media and staff so that all Douglas County citizens are well informed about the efforts of county government.


The Department operates two different roles

  • Public Information
  • DCTV 23 (Douglas County Government Access Channel)


Goals include:

  • Assist with special projects and news media events such as groundbreakings and ribbon-cuttings.
  • Coordinate and fulfill Georgia Open Records Act requests from the media.
  • Coordinate news conferences and media availabilities.
  • Respond to requests from the media, general public and county officials.
  • To ensure that Douglas County citizens are informed about the efforts of county government
  • To provide county wide video notification of government and government-related events, programs initiatives and activities
  • To serve as a direct media resource tool for all county departments and agencies

DCTV23, News & Events

Please visit the DCTV23 web page for the latest in what is happening with the Douglas County Government Access Cable Television Channel, and "Happenings", the free weekly email of events and meetings of general interest to Douglas County citizens. Please also check out the Latest News and Current Events pages to keep up to date.

Douglas County Happenings Policies & Procedures


Douglas County Happenings is a free, weekly email newsletter, issued by the Douglas County Department of Communications and Community Relations, that contains calendar items and announcements of general interest to the Public. The purpose of Douglas County Happenings is to provide the public with convenient and efficient information about Douglas County’s agencies, programs and services, and those of the general Public, with some limitations, in an attempt to bring our community closer together.

Subscription & Subscription List

Persons interested in receiving Douglas County Happenings may place their email address on the subscription list by:

Or requesting it in person or via email to the Douglas County Department of Communications and Community Relations

The subscription list is intended to be private and not published, and is not sold or otherwise distributed.

Newsletter Content & Requirements for Inclusion

Douglas County Happenings contains calendar items and announcements of general interest to the Public. The calendar is issued in chronological order, and will cover items generally for the next three weeks from the issuing date. However, if three weeks of calendar items plus announcements creates a newsletter that is considered too large a computer file to be easily transmitted and/or downloaded, a shorter calendar may be published at the sole discretion of the Douglas County Department of Communications and Community Relations.

Calendar items and announcements are limited to the following categories:

  • Events open to the general Public at no or minimal charge that are of widespread interest
  • Government, government agency, and quasi-government agency meetings, events and announcements
  • Not-for-profit organization events and announcements (no meeting announcements due to space limitations)

Douglas County Happenings specifically will not include announcements from/of political parties or organizations, religious group or church meetings, and service club meetings.


Calendar item requests may be submitted to the Douglas County Department of Communications and Community Relations for inclusion in Douglas County Happenings. The Department staff has the sole authority to condense, abbreviate or modify the request to fit the format and available space of the newsletter.


Calendar item submittal receipt deadline is 9 am each Wednesday. However, due to workload, other duties, and unusual circumstances. Staff reserves the right to change the deadline date to an earlier time to accommodate the newsletter issuance.

Newsletter Issuance

Douglas County Happenings is generally issued on Thursdays of each week. However, due to holidays or other scheduling conflicts, Douglas County Happenings may be issued earlier or later in any given week.


The Douglas County Department of Communications and Community Relations will make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information provided in the newsletter. However, the Department does not warrant or make any representation as to the quality, content, accuracy, or completeness of the information. The newsletter information is compiled from a variety of sources and are subject to change without notice. 

Errors may also be made in the compiling of the newsletter because the Department staff is human. Corrections of inaccurate information will be made in the next issue of the newsletter, if applicable, but the newsletter will not be reissued in the case of inadvertent errors.

Communications Services Requests Form 

To request services provided by the Communications and Community Relations Department please fill out the online form here.