Ricky Dobbs, Jr.


Lieutenant Commander (LCDR), US Navy Reserve, Clarence Ricky Dobbs, Jr, is a native of Douglasville, Georgia. A 2011 graduate of the United States Naval Academy, LCDR Dobbs holds a Bachelor of Science degree in General Science. His work in the armed forces, college football arena, and with youth have been a source of pride and inspiration in the community.

LCDR Dobbs currently works as a high school Physical Education Teacher at his alma mater, Douglas County Comprehensive High School in Douglasville, Georgia. He is simultaneously serving in the U.S. Navy Reserves as a Strike Planning Officer and Admin Officer for Naval Reserve Commander Naval Forces Europe – Commander Naval Forces Africa Commands (NR-CNE-CNA-N3).

While he was on active duty, Dobbs was the Assistant Operations Officer (N3A) at COMPHIBRON Four and was handpicked to be the IWOARG’s LNO to Commander Naval Forces Europe and Central Commands. Prior to that tour, he was a Tomahawk Land Attack Missile mission planner and Weaponeer at COMUSNAVCENT. His outstanding leadership and organizational skills were evident in his work with the Iraqi Navy during his Middle Eastern forward deployment.

LCDR Dobbs’ very first tour of duty was on the USS Oscar Austin (DDG 79) in Norfolk, VA where he served as a 1st Lieutenant for 23 months and as Turbines Officer for five months, followed by a forward deployment to Manama, Bahrain where he served for 18 months on the USS Sirocco (PC 6) as the XO (Executive Officer), OPS (Operations Officer), Navigator and Legal Officer. Ever the role model, LCDR Dobbs’ position as a Candidate Guidance Officer in the U. S. Naval Academy’s admissions office afforded him an opportunity to not only recruit and develop young talent, but to positively influence their lives in the professional realm.

The personal history of Ricky Dobbs is an inspiration to successful executives in major companies and organizations, as well as to boys and young men in households dealing with various adverse conditions. He grew up in a single-parent household in an economically distressed community in Douglasville with his mother and older sister, along with the guidance of grandparents, uncle, and wonderful neighbors.

His motivation and subsequent success is summarized by LCDR Dobbs in his own words: “In high school I played four years of varsity basketball and three years varsity football. I also did a lot in my community with the youth through academics and athletics. I was known as “the Mayor” by my teachers at Douglas County High School. I was the recipient of the Faculty Cup at my commencement ceremony in 2006. I was also voted Homecoming King, Prom King and Mr. DCHS by my peers because of my work within the school keeping people out of trouble. This is where all of my dreams started to develop.”

Dobbs is a former football standout and student leader at the United States Naval Academy, where he was a finalist for the Heisman Trophy and the recipient of the 2010 Lowe’s Senior Class Award. Dobbs was also named Vice-President of the Naval Academy Class of 2011, a life-long commitment. As the starting quarterback on the Naval Academy’s football team, Ricky Dobbs led his team to a record three

victories over Notre Dame. He set a new NCAA record for rushing touchdowns by a quarterback in a single season and set a number of school records previously held by famed Navy quarterback and NFL Hall of Famer Roger Staubach.

LCDR Dobbs formed The Ricky Dobbs Foundation in 2016 with hopes of continuing to be a credit to his community. The purpose of this foundation is to help low-income at-risk young men to develop the tools needed to be a success in today’s world. Through his foundation, LCDR Dobbs plans to expand the work he has done in the past with at-risk young men.

Despite his obligations during college and with his subsequent US Navy service, he has found the time and resources to hold several youth camps for young men ages 8 to 18. He also has been mentoring young men since 2005. As a testament to his impact, one of those boys who benefitted from Ricky Dobbs’ commitment and service is now a U.S Army officer and another is a professional football player.

In July 2014, LDDR Dobbs became a proud parent to his first beautiful daughter Chloe Louise (8) and in January 2023, his youngest daughter, Chyenne Renee, was born.

LCDR Dobbs was sworn-in to office as District 1 Commissioner to the Douglas County Board of Commissioners on May 19, 2023, following his gubernatorial appointment.