Risk & Safety

Office of Risk and SafetyMission Statement

The mission of the Office of Risk and Safety (ORS) is to provide superior programs, plans, training and services that protect the physical and financial wellbeing of Douglas County’s workforce and assets.

Purpose Statement

The purpose of the Office of Risk and Safety (ORS) is to provide oversight and protection of County assets through purchase of insurance, contractual transfer of risk, program and operational analysis, mitigation of losses, loss prevention and related Safety and Loss Control programs to minimize risk and losses. Risk and Safety is charged with developing and implementing the County’s Risk Management, Safety and Loss Prevention programs to reduce accidents and injuries through training, inspections and regulatory compliance.

BOC Safety Policy Statement Merit System Sec. 13-11

The county has a concern for the welfare and safety of its employees and the public it serves. It acknowledges its obligation, as an employer, to provide the safest possible working conditions for employees and as a government service organization, to provide a safe environment for the public that uses its services. When accidents occur, they are an indication of wasteful and inefficient operations. The county believes that most accidents can be prevented.

Risk & Safety Core Values

Values are beliefs that do not change over time. They are what govern our decisions on a day-to-day basis. They are the principles and standards for the framework upon which the Office of Risk and Safety is built. Conformance to these core values maintains employee and public trust.


"Safety First" is our motto. We will conduct ourselves and perform our tasks in a safe manner at all times and expect the same from coworkers. We value safety at the highest level and believe it to be the responsibility of all employees, workers, tenants and volunteers. We shall strive for unequivocal safe work practices at all times and hold safety as our highest core value.

Customer Service

We believe that Customer Service is found in every interaction between ourselves as public servants, internal co-worker customers and most importantly the public we serve. We value all customers and are committed to providing quality service by meeting or exceeding expectations. As one of our highest priorities, we strive to always demonstrate Customer Service through our attitudes and actions and show that we appreciate our patrons and value their needs, inquiries and opinions without exception. Customers are Risk and Safety’s reason for existing.


We will demonstrate and perform our duties in a professional manner at all times. It is our belief that accomplishing work tasks in a safe, skillful and dignified manner is the cornerstone of professionalism.


With integrity held in the highest of regard, Risk and Safety employees will work honorably in the best interest of the Douglas County Board of Commissioners, elected officials, departments, and employees at all times. We believe that integrity is a core value that enables us to promote and protect the financial and human resources of Douglas County.


We are committed to the organization and providing superior support services to county employees and by extension the community.

Team Work

We will conduct ourselves in such a manner that promotes harmony, respect, trustworthiness, and loyalty among our fellow workers, stakeholders, and organizational leaders.


We will pride ourselves on maintaining an atmosphere of learning, continuous professional development, and training of our individual skill sets and departmental services. It is our belief that the development of core competencies within Douglas County’s workforce is essential to providing superior services to the community.


We will provide a superior level of service, rooted in sound business practices that illustrates our commitment to efficiency in the workplace. We believe that all processes and procedures need periodic review, refinement, and improvement as the organization grows and changes. It is our duty to maintain efficiencies through the use of only necessary resources.