Douglas County Pathway of Service

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It takes a special person to choose public service as an occupation, a career, and an obligation, out of the good of their heart and desire to be of service to their fellow man. To recognize this dedication to others, the Pathway of Service was created by the Douglas County Board of Commissioners.

The Pathway of Service consists of engraved bricks that lead from the Eternal Flame towards the front door of the Douglas County Courthouse. Inductees into the Pathway of Service have their names permanently engraved in the bricks.

The Pathway of Service (JPG) is the highest accolade Douglas County citizens can bestow on a citizen who has spent his/her life in service to others.


  • Wayne Arrington
    Founder, Douglas County Fire Department
  • Betty Hagler
    Founder, Lithia Springs Library
  • Pat Spear
    Juvenile Court Employee
  • Paul Cochran
    Douglas County Coroner for 44 years
  • Jane Williams
    Clerk of the Superior Court, 1978-1998
  • Tommy Waldrop, A. S Baggett, Mac Claude Abercrombie, Sr, Joe Hunter Harding, O. M. "Monk" Redding, Lucille Redding, Mac Claude Abercrombie, Jr, Earl Lee, Thomas Hunt Selman
    Sheriffs of Douglas County
  • Lois Jordon
    Deputy Tax Commissioner
  • Robert Abercrombie
    Judge, Douglas County Probate Court, for 32 years
  • Liz Fincher
    Senior Services Advocate
  • Alpha A. Fowler, Sr, Alpha A. Fowler, Jr.
    State Representatives, Civic Leaders
  • Suzie Fowler
    Poet Laureate
  • Kathryn Shehane
    Lifetime Educator and Three-time Douglas County School System Superintendent
  • Tom Kilgore
    State Representative and Endless Promoter of Tourism to the County; Responsible for West Central Technical College, Douglas County Campus
  • Robert F. "Bob" Harper
    Employee of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department and Douglasville Police Department; City’s First Information Technology Director
  • Benny Drum
    Douglasville Police Department Assistant Chief