Douglas County Walk of Honor

AboutDouglas County Walk of Honor

Douglas County citizens have always come to the aid of persons in need, sacrificing their own selves for the well-being of others. These heroes do not perform these deeds to receive public acclaim or recognition, but rather out of the good of their hearts and of service to their fellow man. The Douglas County Board of Commissioners feels that these acts of heroism and great service should be recognized in a quiet but permanent manner, and therefore, created the Walk of Honor.

The Walk of Honor consists of engraved bricks that lead from the Eternal Flame towards the front door of the Douglas County Courthouse. Inductees into the Walk of Honor have their names permanently engraved in the bricks.

The Walk of Honor is the highest accolade Douglas County citizens can bestow on a citizen.


  • Boyd Clines
    Georgia Department. Of Natural Resources helicopter pilot who used his skills to rescue a construction worker during the Cabbagetown fire and rafters from a swollen Sweetwater Creek
  • Christopher Queen
    A 9-year-old who rescued his 3-year-old cousin who had fallen into a swimming pool
  • Lieutenant Jay Gazaway, Sergeant J. L. Davis, Douglas County Fire Department Company 1
    Douglas County Fire Department firefighters who rescued two women from a burning house on Florence Drive in Lithia Springs as the fire collapsed the roof
  • Sergeant Steven Reeves
    Douglas County resident who lost his life trying to save another as his Cobb County SWAT Team answered a hostage call
  • Major M. O. Harper
    Douglas County Sheriff’s Department Major who saved the life of a hostage in a difficult situation where there were no easy answers
  • Division Chief Danny Murdock
    Douglas County Fire Department Division Chief for going into a scene under gunfire to retrieve a victim
  • Paramedic Richie Kenyon
    Douglas County resident for his skill in saving lives under extreme circumstances during the Buckhead shootings
  • Christopher Merritt
    An 11-year-old who jumped into a swimming pool to save the life of his cousin
  • Paramedic J. T. Stevens, Paramedic Mike Amison
    Douglas County Fire Department paramedics who rushed into a burning and smoke-filled house, finding an unconscious resident and pulling him to safety
  • Officer Reggie Davis, Officer Sean Williams
    Douglasville Police Officers who entered a burning home in the Arbor station subdivision and rescued its residents
  • Homer Bailey, Joey Owens
    Douglas County residents who valiantly tried to rescue a drowning man from a lake in the Leisure Acres subdivision
  • Deputy Tim Sword
    Douglas County Sheriff’s Deputy who saved the life of another Deputy attacked and injured by a deer
  • Gavin Hicks
    Douglas County resident who, when he saw his aunt’s house on fire, broke windows and climbed inside in an effort to rescue his two nieces, who, unknown to him, had escaped
  • Edward Hart, Melissa Cox
    Douglas County residents who rescued a 6-year-old from drowning in an apartment complex pool and who performed CPR to save her life before paramedics could arrive at the scene
  • Deputy Blake Gammill
    Douglas County Sheriff’s Department Deputy who rescued an unconscious man from an automobile fire on Interstate 20, saving his life
  • Sergeant Billy Lashley, Deputy Randy Daniel
    Douglas County Sheriff’s Department employees who rescued a 7-year-old boy from drowning in the Pine Brook Mobile Home Park swimming pool
  • Firefighter John Kidney, Firefighter/EMT Jimmy Ball, Lt. Buster Spence, Firefighter Barry Flowers, Sergeant Pablo Lugo, Company 11 C Shift DCFD, Engine 2 C Shift Douglas County Fire Department, Firefighter Todd Arbeau
    Douglas County Fire Department employees who rescued motorists in an accident in Gothard’s Creek, keeping the victims’ heads above water during the difficult rescue so they would not drown
  • Cory Martin
    A citizen who aided in the Gothard’s Creek rescue
  • Danny Brumfield and Michael Stevens
    Citizens for risking their own lives to wake up and rescue a family whose house was on fire, and for entering the house a second time to rescue an infant
  • Mark Sullivan, Valerie Reid, Ricky Roberson, Doug Dickens, Jay Gazaway, David Hendrix, Cody Kelsey
    Douglas County Fire Department personnel for two rescues of youths within three days, both youths being clinically dead at the beginning of the rescue
  • Casey Marlow
    Citizen for the rescue of two persons drowning in a pool, saving the life of one
  • Blake Gammill (deceased) and Randy Folsom
    Douglas County Sheriff’s deputies for the ultimate sacrifice of live and the saving of other lives

Requirements for Consideration

  • Must be a Douglas County resident or work in Douglas County
  • Must have risked his/her life to save that of another in an unselfish act
  • Actions must be able to be independently documented
  • Nominations with supporting information must be submitted to the Douglas County Department of Communications and Community Relations, 8700 Hospital Drive, Douglasville, GA 30134

The selection of honorees is the responsibility of the Douglas County Board of Commissioners, after a review process by a consideration committee. All nominees may not be selected for inclusion in the Walk of Honor.