DFCS Board

Division of Family and Children Services Board of Directors

  • No. of Members: 5 
  • Term Length: Five Years 
  • Term Limit: None  
  • Compensation: Only compensation is per diem rate established by the Department of Human Resources and reimbursement for travel and other expenses incurred in the performance of their official duties.   
  • Training Required:  None 
  • Meeting Schedule: Monthly 
  • Appointment: Appointed by Board of Commissioners 

Established per Georgia Code. Help to make the Division of Family and Children Services’ programs more meaningful to the families and children they are designed to serve.  Georgia’s most valuable and most fragile resource is people.  With the help and advice of Board Members, the Division will assist disadvantaged individuals and families progress toward economic independence and a more stable life.   

DFACS is a part of the DHR governed by state rules/regulations and performs welfare services of the county. 

The Board is an active liaison to the general public whose continuing support is necessary to the success of the overall mission of the Division. 

The board is a link between the county Department of Family and Children Services and the local community.  The Board Member, with the help of agency staff, should acquire general knowledge of Division programs and be prepared to interpret the objectives of the programs to local citizens.  The Member should also address attitudes and perceptions of the community toward programs by making recommendations to the County Director. 

The appointment process and the appointing authority for county Board Members are addressed in O.C.G.A 49-3-2 (a). 

The legislation authorizes the County Commission to directly appoint DFCS County Board Members.  Vacancies on the Board, which occur for any reason, are filled in the same manner.  If the County Commission fails to make an appointment within 90 days after the vacancy occurs, the DHR Commissioner is authorized to make the appointment.  Appointments must be reflective of gender, race, ethnic and age characteristics of the county population.  The term of office for members of the County Board is for five years. 

Elected officials of the state, or any political subdivision of the state (county or city, etc.) may not be appointed to the County Board, O.C.G.A Section 49-3-2 (a).  Public assistance recipients may not be appointed to the county board since the appointment of a public assistance recipient would create an illegal conflict of interest. 


The Board meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 8:30 a.m. at the Douglasville DFCS Office.  Other events include R3 Stakeholder meeting, CORE End of Year Celebration, or other scheduled events around foster parent celebrations etc.  These meetings don’t have a designated date, they are planned throughout the year.