Board of Health

Board of Health / Community Services Board

  • No. of Members: 7 
  • Term Length: Six Years 
  • Term Limit:None 
  • Compensation: None 
  • Training Required:  None 
  • Meeting Schedule: Quarterly (1st Wednesday, 8:30 a.m. BOC Board Room) 
  • March, June, September, December (one annual retreat) 
  • Appointment: Three members are appointed by Board of Commissioners. 

Established per Georgia Code 31-3. The Board exists to provide quality comprehensive health care to the residents of Douglas County. It offers proactive, community-oriented programs that are designed to reach the public and establish a preventative care norm.   


 Members include (1) Chairman of BOC; (2) licensed physician practicing in the county appointed by the BOC; (3) consumer, or a person from an advocacy agency or group, which member will represent on the board the county's consumers of health services appointed by the BOC; (4) consumer member who will represent on the board the county's needy, underprivileged, or elderly community appointed by the BOC;  (5) consumer or licensed nurse appointed by the City Council;  (6) Mayor of the City of Douglasville; and  (7) superintendent of the Douglas County School System.