Hospital Authority


  • No. of Members:  7
  • Term Length:  Four Years
  • Term Limit: None
  • Compensation: None
  • Training Required: None
  • Meeting Schedule: Bi-Monthly, 4th Wednesday of every other month.
  • Appointment: Alternates between Board of Commissioners & Hospital Authority

Members of the Board serve as ambassadors and advisors for community healthcare initiatives and assist in raising funds for healthcare programs and services.

Memberships consist of not less than five (5) nor more than nine (9) members to be appointed by the governing body of the County BOC. Authority members shall be residents of Douglas County. Term is for four (4) years.

Appointments: Alternates between BOC and Hospital Authority.

BOC advertises and submits three names to Hospital Authority – Hospital chooses one of the three.  

At the next appointment, the Hospital Authority submits three names to the BOC – the BOC chooses one of the three.