Plans and Studies

Douglas County Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Land Use Plan is a guide for the future of Douglas County. This plan will serve as a blueprint for development and growth over the next 20 years. The local comprehensive plan is a fact-based resource for local constituents which tracks the implementation of community-based policies. Well-planned communities are better prepared to attract new growth and appropriately locate that growth in a highly competitive market. In essence we plan so that the community can shape and guide growth and development.

Highway 92 Corridor Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) Study

Highway 92 is a key regional east-west corridor that is facing strong growth pressures.  In 2006, Douglas County applied for funding from the ARC under its LCI program to study Highway 92 as an emerging corridor, to balance its regional mobility function with local development goals that include walkability, economic development, and enhancement of the quality of life within the corridor. 

Southwest Thornton Activity Center Sweetwater Master Plan

The Southwest Thornton Activity Center Sweetwater Master Plan document outlines a plan and process to guide the areas development to support a complete diverse and dynamic daytime and evening activity center.  The Douglas County Economic Development Authority led this project in coordination with the Douglas County Planning and Zoning Department, Douglas County Department of Transportation, and the City of Douglasville Community Development Department. The approximate 3,700 acre study area is defined by a combination of natural features, municipal boundaries and transportation infrastructure, including Sweetwater Creek State Park (west); Cobb County (north and east); the Chattahoochee River (east and south); and Interstate 20 (north).

Lee Road Small Area Plan

The Lee Road Small Area Plan defines a vision for the activity center at the intersection of Lee Road and Highway 92. The plan encourages a diversity of medium density, mixed income neighborhoods with employment, shopping and recreation choices. Along with priorities to enhance the livability of the Highway 92 Corridor and surrounding neighborhoods, it provides more multi-modal options including walking, biking and driving. 

Douglas County Housing Market Study

The Douglas County Housing Market Study and Multi-Family Fiscal Impact Analysis was completed in 2017. The report provided a snapshot of current housing inventory, as well as recommendations for projected future housing needs.