Comprehensive Plan Update

The Douglas County Comprehensive Plan is required by State law to be updated every five years.  This plan update will be completed by October 2023.  This page is a resource for all of the information you need to stay informed on the Comprehensive Plan Update.  Your participation is encouraged!

The Comprehensive Plan Update is adopted!

Final 2023 Comprehensive Plan

Thank you to all of our citizens and stakeholders who have invested their time and energy into our plan update! We hope you see your vision for the community captured in the plan. 

The Roadshow

The Roadshow was a success! The Roadshow provided opportunities for citizens to review critical elements of the land use vision before the final document was available for public review.  There were a combination of online and in-person opportunities.  A complete list of events can be found here. You can review the Roadshow Presentation and read a Summary of the Community Feedback.

For a deep dive on the Roadshow materials, you can find more information at the Project Blog. The blog gives greater detail on the new Character Areas, the updated Future Land Use Map, the Winston and Lithia Springs Small Area Plan Concepts, and the Parks and Greenspace Element. 

Comprehensive Plan Community Survey

Thank you to everyone for your feedback on the Comprehensive Plan Survey!  We received 339 survey responses and 85% were from residents in Douglas County. Key highlights are identified below and a summary document is included in the link. Read the full summary report for the Comprehensive Plan Update Community Survey. 

Winston and Lithia Springs Small Area Workshops

Thank you to everyone for your participation in the Winston Small Area Workshop! You can take a look at the meeting materials here. 

Thank you to everyone for your participation in the Lithia Springs Small Area Workshop!  You can take a look at the meeting materials here. 

Comprehensive Plan Interactive Map

Thank you to everyone who submitted comments for our interactive map.  This was an opportunity to provide feedback and view comments of fellow citizens about a variety of features and issues around the county. Your input is so important to us and incredibly useful as we develop the update to the plan. You can read a list of comments that were submitted here

Final Map 11.8.2022 

September Saturdays

Thank you to everyone who came by our booth at September Saturdays.  You can read a summary of the comments that were received. 

Latest Project Updates

Stay updated on the latest information on the Comprehensive Plan Update by following the Project Blog

Steering Committee

The Comprehensive Plan Update will be guided by a Steering Committee comprised of citizens and stakeholders.  Steering Committee Meetings can be accessed both in-person and online.  

Current Comprehensive Plan

You can find the current Douglas County Comprehensive Plan, along with several other Small Area Studies here