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May 21

[ARCHIVED] The Project Study Boundary

The original item was published from May 21, 2021 4:03 PM to May 21, 2021 4:09 PM

The proposed South Douglas Scenic Byway includes the corridor along Highway 92 & 166 between Highway 92 and the Campbellton roundabout.  And then extends east/west along Highway 166 from the Campbellton roundabout to the Carroll County line. Altogether, this corridor extends just under 20 miles through Douglas County. 

The character of the corridor and the context of its intrinsic qualities vary at different points along the route.  A study boundary was defined so as to capture key elements of the corridor and areas that may impact future management issues.
Scenic Byway Study Boundary

The proposed study boundary captures an area that is approximately one mile north of the corridor.  Southern and western corridor boundaries generally end at the county line. The majority of the existing land use is agricultural and rural residential.
scenic byway imagery 13

Preliminary analysis shows that this geographic area includes

  • 26,000 acres
  • 6,000 individual parcels
  • 1,400 vacant parcels
  • 30 platted residential subdivisions
  • 8 churches
  • 4 working urban farms
  • 2 commercial horse stables
  • 2 agri-business enterprises
  • 3 public schools
  • 3 county parks
  • 2 private conservation preserves
  • 2 water reservoirs
  • 1 fire station
  • 1 air strip

An analysis of the corridor that was presented to the Steering Committee on May 14, 2021 identified five distinct segments. 

  • Highway 92/ Fairburn Road to the Campbellton roundabout
  • The Campbellton roundabout to the Dog River Reservoir
  • The Dog River Reservoir to Capps Ferry Road on the south side of Highway 166
  • Capps Ferry Road to the county line on the south side of Highway 166
  • The Dog River Reservoir to the county line on the north side of Highway 166

Each of these areas will be explored in detail in subsequent posts.