What do I do if my animal is missing?

The best way to locate your missing animal is to come to the animal shelter to look for your pet. Because we take in so many lost animals every day, because animals can wander so far from home, and because so many animals look alike, we are not able to tell you over the phone if we have your pet. When you come to the shelter, bring any pictures of the pet and your pet’s rabies certificate or vet record if the rabies shot is up to date. 

You can also file your lost report with us using our ShelterPro Portal. There are also some social media outlets you can post on such as the NextDoor App, Facebook pages : Douglas County Lost and Found Pets ect.  We also suggest you hang signs within a 3 mile radius of where your pet was lost and also hang signs at your vet’s office if they allow them. 

Continue to come to the animal shelter every few days until you find your pet and also look on our website as some, but not all, of our pets are pictured online.

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