Driver's License Information

Georgia Driver’s Licenses are not available in the Douglas County Courthouse. The nearest location of Georgia Department of Driver’s Services offices - where Driver’s Licenses may be obtained - are:

New Identification Requirements

There are new Rules and Regulations on what identification items are required to get a new or renewed Driver’s License. Access the Georgia Department of Driver Services website.

Disabled Persons License Plates & Parking Permits

Two types of disabled persons parking permits are issued by the Tag Office:

  • Permanent permit for a permanent disability
  • Temporary permit for a disability of 6 months or less

Both types of disabled parking permits require an affidavit to be completed by a Georgia physician and submitted to the Tag Office. Find the Disabled Person’s Parking Affidavit form.

Disabled license plates are only issued to individuals with a permanent disability. The vehicle must be titled in the name of the disabled person, or the owner of the vehicle must be the spouse, parent, or legal guardian of the disabled person.