ProSource Wholesale Flooring

ProSource carries over 20,000 products. There is hardwood, carpet, tile, laminate, vinyl and mosaics. Our buying group is the largest purchaser of flooring in the U.S. Our buying power is stronger than buying direct.

Wholesale Versus Retail Pricing

Each ProSource client has their own personal account manager and a guarantee to the lowest prices. Here is an example of what pricing is at ProSource. If retail is $6.08, wholesale is $4.86 but member cost is $4.25.

Please visit the ProSource website to learn more about us.


Typically each member pays $25 a year to be a member. Douglas County employees will pay $0 for life. We are a national company with locations throughout the United States. As a member you, your family, friends etc. has access to all 160 ProSource showrooms.

To take advantage of this employee benefit, you need only to identify yourself as a Douglas County employee. A no-fee account has been set up in the County’s name.