Fare Information

*You can use exact change to pay for your trip as you board the bus, or you can purchase a ticket, 10-trip pass, or 31-day passes at the Douglas County Transportation Center (8800 Dorris Rd Douglasville, GA, 30134)*

Fixed Route Bus Fares  

Trip passes or cash (exact fare) are accepted on all bus routes.

  • One-way trip: $2.50
  • 10-trip ticket: $25.00
  • 31-day pass*: $75.00

Fixed Route Reduced Fares

Seniors (60 and over), Individuals with disabilities, Students (currently enrolled in any public or private school, college or university).  

>>Click here to complete the Reduced Fare application

  • One-way trip: $1.00
  • 10-trip ticket: $10.00
  • 31-day pass*: $31.00one-way pass

Riders eligible for the fixed route reduced fares can complete the Reduced Fare Application, provide proper identification, and obtain a FREE Reduced Fare ID card. Cards are obtained at Connect Douglas MMTC at 8800 Dorris Road Douglasville, GA 30134. Eligible riders may also present proper ID directly to the bus driver: valid ID verifying 60 years or over, Medicare card with valid ID, student ID with photo.

ADA Paratransit Bus Fares

The ADA Paratransit program is the curb-to-curb service available for eligible individuals only. The service requires an application process. If approved, the fares are as follows:

  • One-way trip: $1.00
  • 10-trip ticket: $10.00
  • 31-day pass*: $31.00

>>>Click here for application<<<

*The 31-day pass offers unlimited trips during a 31-day period.