E-Verify Compliance

As of July 1, 2007, as a public employer, Douglas County is prohibited by GA State law (GA Code § 13-10-91 (2021) from entering into a contract for services unless the contractor (otherwise known as “the vendor”, “the supplier”, etc.) registers and participates in the federal work authorization program known as E-verify.


Douglas County utilizes the E-verify Contractor Affidavit provided by the State of Georgia Department of Audits & Accounts to obtain the vendor’s compliance with these requirements. Douglas County must obtain a signed and notarized E-verify Contractor Affidavit prior to any County contract or transaction for services $2,500.00 and greater. (See the “Special Circumstances or Exceptions” section below for different specific requirements.)


Requisition(s)/Purchase Order(s): All vendors must have on file an e-Verify number and prior to the issuance of a Purchase Order.

Special Circumstances and Exceptions

The following sections have been added to list the exceptions to the affidavit requirement or to clarify frequent purchase types.


Services Provided by Individuals:

  • A contractor with no employees and no intent to hire employees shall, in lieu of the affidavit, submit a copy of their state-issued driver’s license or identification card that is compliant with the Real ID Act. 
  • If an affidavit is listed as ‘not required’ and the supplier is a licensed professional as outlined below, a driver’s license or ID card is not required.

Individual Licensed Professionals:

  • An affidavit is not required if the contractor is entering into the contract in his or her individual capacity as a licensed professional who is licensed pursuant to Title 26 or Title 43 or by the State Bar of Georgia and is in good standing at the time of the services.
    • Examples include the following services that are statutorily defined as ‘professions’ or ‘professional services’: certified public accountancy, actuarial services, architecture, landscape architecture, registered interior designers, licensed or accredited appraisers or licensed or accredited financial analysts providing opinions of value, licensed structural pest controllers, chiropractic, dentistry, professional engineering, podiatry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, registered professional nursing, harbor piloting, land surveying, law, psychology, medicine and surgery, optometry, and osteopathy.
    • However, an affidavit is required if the licensed professional contractor is instead entering into the contract on behalf of a corporation or other entity.
    • However, an affidavit is required if the contractor is not licensed in the state Georgia.
  • An affidavit is required for pesticide/herbicide spray in crop or land applications.


State or Entity Contract Purchases

  • An affidavit is not required for purchases made under an active State-wide Contract because the affidavit is obtained during the contract process by the Georgia State Purchasing Division.
  • An affidavit is required if the contracted services are not specifically covered by the State-wide or Entity contract.


Hotel/Conference and Registrations:

  • An affidavit is not required for registrations, such as for conferences.

Moving and Relocation Expenses

  • An affidavit is required for moving or relocation expenses if paid directly by Douglas County to the contractor.

Teaching and Instructional Services

  • An affidavit is required for teaching and instructional services.

Utility Payments

  • An affidavit is not required for payments for utilities (water, sewer, electricity, internet, etc.)

Delivery Services

  • An affidavit is not required for the drop-off or delivery of goods unless there are additional labor requirements beyond basic delivery.

Emergency Services

  • An affidavit is required for emergency service purchases, though can be obtained after services have been contracted, given the circumstances of a true emergency. 
  • For additional guidance on specific circumstances, please contact Procurement.


  • If subcontractors are used by the contractor, the ‘Subcontractor Affidavit’ and ‘Sub-subcontractor Affidavit’ will also be needed.