Items of Improvement

The following is a list of items that the Inspections Department has found to be in non-compliance in many homes we have inspected over the past few months:

  • All plumbing should be checked by the plumber prior to inspection.
  • The bottom of a footing must be installed 12 inches below undisturbed soil. This includes the daylight section of the basement.
  • Clean-up around houses that are under construction is also not being done well. Please keep your site up as good as possible. It makes it safe, and helps sell the house, too!
  • Do not overbore holes in standard lumber. The Code requires that a hole not exceed 1/3 the size of the lumber in the floor joist and ceiling joist.
  • The electrical panel must be in place with the cover in place before any "Temp-Perm" power inspection can be made.
  • The gas line must be air tested.
  • A house must be dried in with a roof in place before a rough electrical and HVAC system can be installed and inspected.
  • A lot of the blue card permits are not being posted as they are required. This card is one of the four methods of recording an inspection; please keep it accessible to County inspectors.
  • Siding should be installed 6 inches above the ground, and 2 inches above any concrete, such as a walkway.
  • We are seeing a problem with the spans of headers and girders in houses. The Code has a chart located in section 502 of the IRC Code Book. Please keep abreast of this requirement.
  • With the use of different materials other than OSB board on sheeting for houses now, we are finding that bracing is not up to Code in some cases. Please make sure that your bracing is adequate and in compliance with the Code.

Please bring these items to the attention of your contractors to ensure that this work is performed correctly.


  • Beginning January 1st, 2009, all new one or two-family homes and townhouses consisting of three or more stories will require Carbon Monoxide Monitors.
  • Beginning March 4th, 2009, prior to any inspections, all property lines immediately adjacent to any proposed structure, shall be staked by a registered land surveyor in order to assure all required setbacks have been met.
  • As of June 24, 2011 any plumbing permits that are purchased on or after this date will no longer require affidavits for the water and sewer line installations. The Building Department will now be charging for the water and sewer lines and will be performing inspections for all water and sewer line installations.

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