Building Tips

  • Be sure you protect your deck openings. The Building Code states that no sphere over 4 inches can pass through any opening in the deck.
  • Be sure your steps are not too high. The Building Code requires that each step is not over 7 and 3/4 inches high.
  • Change your filters. Your heating and cooling filters should be changed on a regular basis. Check with your HVAC dealer or your home store to get the correct size filters.
  • Don’t try it yourself. The Code requires that any major plumbing repair be done by a licensed plumber. If it’s too big, or you don’t know how, call an expert.
  • The Plumbing Code requires that an irrigation system must have a back flow prevention device installed between a potable and non-potable water system. A rain shut-off switch must be installed in an irrigation system. Please permit all newly installed irrigation systems.
  • Smell gas? If you think you have a gas leak, call a professional. This could cause an explosion.
  • Turn off the power. Any electrical work should be done with all of the power turned off to the area in which you are working. Don’t try it unless you know what you are doing. Call an electrician; don’t overload a circuit; know how much electricity you are using on each circuit.