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Apr 23

Intrinsic Qualities, part 3

Posted on April 23, 2021 at 9:00 AM by Allison Duncan

The final two qualities explored here include recreational and cultural resources along the proposed byways.  If natural and scenic qualities document the visual and environmental aspects that make the byway unique. And historic and archaeological qualities document the way human activities have left an imprint on the Byway Corridor.   Then cultural and recreational qualities document the intersections of all of these areas.

Recreational qualities include opportunities for people to enjoy the natural beauty of the area.   There are a number of places for residents and visitors to enjoy time out-of-doors with a variety of pursuits.  This includes golfing at St. Andrews Golf Club and recreational shooting at Foxhall Sporting Club.  The area boasts multiple public parks, including Boundary Waters and Fairplay Parks.  The county is working on the implementation of the Master Plan for Punkintown Park, and other new greenspace opportunities are on the radar, including the development of former Bear Creek Golf Course as a private nature preserve. 

Boundary Waters 008

The overall vision for the Byway corridor includes an interconnected network of trails to provide access to all major public parks.  The beginning of the trail network is starting to emerge through the Chattahoochee Hill Country Greenway Trail, which will eventually connect Boundary Waters Park and Sweetwater Creek State Park. Trail networks are also on the ground at the Dog River Library.


The cultural qualities along the proposed Byway encompass other ways that people have connected to their natural environment.  The area retains a rural-residential character that allows individuals to continue agricultural practices.  Agrarian uses updated for modern consumers are carried out at places like King of Crops Farm and Rodgers Greens and Roots Farm.  Glover Family Farm has trained numerous individuals in organic farming practices. Individual hobby farms and equestrian operations carry on a tradition of self-sufficiency and resiliency that has been characteristic of Douglas County for generations.

Patterson Dairy

The common thread through all of these areas is the road corridor itself.  Our next post will explore the history of the road and how it has played a central role in connecting the economy and community of Douglas County.