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Sep 08

Moving Forward

Posted on September 8, 2022 at 5:56 PM by Allison Duncan

Douglas County Comp Plan Logo_FINAL

Today the Douglas County Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee met for the first time.  Thank you to those citizens and stakeholders who are willing to serve as a sounding board for this process!  As a reminder, Steering Committee meetings are open to the public and can be accessed in person and online.  Reach out to Allison Duncan at or 678-715-5370 if you would like more information about upcoming meetings. 

The consultants presented an overview of the Comprehensive Plan process, including some ideas for community engagement.  Comprehensive Planning is guided by a set of rules created by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs, and you can review those here. The majority of the meeting focused on the issues and opportunities that our citizens see that we need to address.  Thank you to everyone for your great feedback!  The community will have the opportunity to weigh in on our direction from the Steering Committee at our booth at both September Saturdays celebration. And please take a look at the entire presentation!  Reach out with questions or comments. 

Steering Committee Meeting 1