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Oct 14

Douglas County, Georgia Land Use and Thoroughfare Plan – 1986

Posted on October 14, 2022 at 5:27 PM by Allison Duncan

The 1986 plan put policy front and center.  The Goals identified for the county included:

  • A healthful, productive, culturally satisfying and aesthetically pleasing environment…
  • Conservation and protection of natural resources…
  • Planned and orderly growth…
  • Compatible distribution of land uses…
  • Cost effective stewardship of public funds…

1986 Cover

Policies were developed to guide decision making in the realm of residential, commercial and industrial development; public services and facilities; transportation; open space and recreation; and natural resources conservation.

This plan anticipates the construction of the Dog River Reservoir.  Up until this point the Bear Creek Reservoir had been the primary drinking water reservoir for the county.  The two reservoirs continue to function in tandem together to preserve water quality and quantity, and are critically important resources.  

This plan also identifies the challenge posed by limited opportunities for east-west transportation connectivity.   Many of the major roads in Douglas County travel north-south, and the need for greater east-west connectivity has long been a challenge to our thoroughfare network.  

1986 LR Transportation

This plan examined the county through the lens of Planning Areas.  These areas have similarities to the draft Character Areas that we are working to define as a part of this plan update. The plan also included some really interesting scenario modeling. This section explored options based on different development outcomes as a thought experiment that informed the final land use plan.

1986 Planning Areas

It is interest to compare the 1975 Vision (top) and the 1986 Vision (bottom) to contrast similarities and differences.

1986 FLUM

1975 FLU Map