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  1. All events must be open to the general public or they will not be listed. Events added go through an approval process. Please allow us a few business days to review submitted events. Please fill in your contact information in case we need clarification.
  2. The Community Calendar on the website and dctv23's Bulletin Board/Douglas County Happenings email Newsletter are separate listings. If you think your event qualifies for dctv23's Bulletin Board/Douglas County Happenings email Newsletter and you wish to have it considered for inclusion, please also send it by email to
  3. The County does not warrant or make any representation as to the quality, content, accuracy, or completeness of the community calendar events, and provides the community calendar only as a courtesy and public information source.
  4. Fill out both start and end date. For a one-day event, make the start and end date the same; the date will only show up once.
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