Cooperative Extension Service

University of Georgia Extension ServiceAbout

Douglas County Cooperative Extension provides many different services to the citizens of Douglas County in connection with its association with the University of Georgia. Services are offered in the areas of Agriculture, Family and Consumer Services, and 4-H.


The Extension Service can test Douglas County residents’ soil and water (a small fee applies). The sample is collected and sent to the University of Georgia for testing, and a report is generated for the residents.

The Douglas County Extension Service can answer questions relating to different plants, trees, bugs, animals, and diseases that can occur in plants, trees, and lawns.

Family & Consumer Science

A Family and Consumer Science Agent can answer questions concerning food safety and preservation, child care, and home economics. They provide training on managing money and conduct food classes. The Extension Service Office provides Child care Kits that can be checked out for Department of Human Resources credits.

4-H & Youth Programs

The Douglas County 4-H Program is for students ages 9 to 19 and is provided through the Georgia Cooperative Extension Service with the cooperation of Douglas County, the Douglas County Board of Education, the University of Georgia, and the United States Department of Agriculture. 

4-H students usually meet during their science time period in the 5th grade and in after-school programs from the 6th through 12th grades. Students are offered opportunities for community service as well as educational field trips throughout the school year and during the summer vacation.